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What is Spring Boot and Why Spring Boot ?

What is Spring Boot?

Spring Boot is a way by which you can bootstrap or quickly create any Spring application.

Here is the official definition of Spring Boot.

Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications that you can “just run”.

Spring Boot helps you create any Spring application in no time. It provides default configurations which help you to avoid a lot of boilerplate code which is painful to maintain.

Why Spring Boot?

Let’s say you want to create Spring MVC Hibernate MySQL project.When you are working on this project, you might be confused with a lot of dependencies it requires.You might get confused with versions too.You need to configure DataSource, EntitymanagerFactory, TransactionManager etc beans. Wouldn’t it be good if Spring can do it for us automatically?

yes, You guess it right. Spring Boot will take care of all above configuration which is painful to do when you want to create Spring application real quick. I have also created Spring boot Hibernate MySQL project.When you compare code between above two examples, you will get to know how amazingly Spring Boot has reduced almost half of the code.

Spring Boot will take care of all above configuration which is painful to do when you want to create Spring application real quick.

As I said before, Spring boot provides a lot of default configuration, hence Spring Boot will help you in creating Spring applications faster. Spring boot provides a lot of starter projects to help you create a different type of Spring application.Once you go through examples, you will understand more about starter projects.

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